Sunday, 7 March 2010


I am now trying to find out how this blog works.

Peevishly clicking on words, tabs?, worried I might inadvertently be sending my inner most thoughts, once trusted to the machine, out into the world.

Well everything seems to be linked up to anything.

I stumble upon Facebook, another thing I got talked into, forgot all about, eventually shut down, and now it appears I have re-activated it again.
I see some well-known faces peering at me and an encouragement to invite several more to be my friends.
They have even selected some for me.

But those àre my friends.

At least, I thought they were. We see, write or talk to each other regularly but maybe in this day and age that doesn't count for much until they are secured in your Facebook collection.


Silly word anyway, Facebook, but I reckon they are getting something right, it seems to be the place to be - the more faces, the hotter?
I twitter, therefore I am.
A modern interpretation of Descartes?

I don't know, Facebook, Hyves, Twitter, Twatter, Blogger.....
well, I am doing it, aren't I?
Giving it a go - before you know it I'll be all over the place, and then what, hey?

I am going to step into a soothing bath and think about that.