Friday, 26 March 2010

getting down to business

I didn't, of course.

The tax returns still weigh like a lump of un-bunkable clay on my conscience.
I painted the bathroom walls instead though.
Well, some-one came in last Saturday and he did a really nice job, thanks Danny, but he brought along the wrong kit, grey instead of white, and that kept showing through the paint.
I promised to apply the finishing touches later.
Another chore I've been putting off though yesterday it suddenly seemed infinitely more exciting than the tax forms and it did give me some satisfaction.

I'm  really going to do them now, no excuses and besides, I have suddenly got time on my hands.
I had an appointment this afternoon and was just getting ready for it when the person I was supposed to see called up asking where the hell I was?
I got the time wrong (by 3 hrs!), I won't go in that just now but there is a perfectly good explanation, anyway, rushing to my desk to check my agenda I knocked over a bottle of black current juice.

Everything lying on it, and that is a lot - I am not very organized, is now soaked in sweet smelling, sticky stuff.
Some of it looks quite nice. My multi-coloured memos come together beautifully steeped in the dark purple moisture.
The map of the world has totally changed, continents merge together, new violet islands appear in the oceans.
My mobile looks odd, probably ruined, well, I've got a couple more, never use them, not charged, and even if I remembered to take one with me, I still wouldn't know how to work it.

That is another thing.
I have a shipload of stuff sitting around the house, apparatus that nobody knows how to use.
Dvd players, a KISS ?-box, a smart engine, never used, probably outdated by now.
We miss all the messages on our new answering machine, not a clue how to play them, the cv thermometer, after 5 years yet to be programmed so our house has the permanent climate of a nursing home. It takes me ages to switch on the tv,  I just give up, more likely than not got the wrong remote control. I have lost count of those, and who knows how they match up anyway?

 * * * * * * * * * *

Sorry, that was Femke, my youngest sister on the phone. We had a long talk, discussing the details of our hike, which is going to be Hadrian's Wall now by the way, Coast-to-Coast a bit too ambitious.
Still 80 miles, or was it kilometres? A lot of that up-hill.
I am really excited about it, it's where we grew up, beautiful part of the country, north-east England.
I've just been checking the ferry and b & b's, and oh, just look at the time now - best part of the day gone........

Ah, never mind the taxes, got the whole week-end to think about that.
Not just think, of course, I am going to do them, honestly, I really am.

Hey, maybe I can find a nice young account, willing to put in a few hours in exchange for some nifty bits of modern technology, good as new - tax-deductible?

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