Thursday, 11 March 2010

elusive dream


I woke up this morning feeling sad.

Immediately I knew that was because of what I had dreamt but whatever that was, it was gone - I had absolutely no recollection, not even a hint.

This is a bad situation because I know the feeling is going to stick with me until I manage to sort it out.

Chances are some time during the day something will trigger my memory and it will come to me in bits and pieces, making no sense at all or maybe something I recognize and can link to recent or past events or musings.

Hopefully I can then laugh it off - funny games the mind plays - but as for now I am sitting here, biting my thumb, wondering what can possibly have upset me like this.

I think I'll go and walk Sheppie, always a good way to clear my head, snap out of an unwanted mood.

I'll be back.


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