Saturday, 6 March 2010

writing, of course

I'm not sure what I am doing here. Well, writing, of course.

Of course - I am always writing. Just give me a keyboard, pen and paper, or else I'll be writing in my mind, making up stories, putting thoughts into words, I just can't help myself.

'Why don't you start a blog?,' said Ezra. He is my youngest son, my baby-dier, the one who actually dared tell me he was 24.

24! So what does that make me? That can't be right, can it?

You know, I think this is going to be a major topic; age, ageing, growing old or older.
It worries me.
And that is putting it mildly.

Well, just so you know, and me too, didn't realise till now.
I am going to fix dinner and mull it over.

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