Saturday, 20 March 2010

name game

Rose-Anne, our daughter, and I were talking about names.
Names for babies. In case she had one - not that she might have one stashed away somewhere, but sometime in the future.
That would make me a  , yeah well, it's bound to happen sooner or later, three healthy grown-up children..........I have very strong feelings about all that stuff, but I"ll get to that later.
Now for the names.

 Three lovely names surfaced, names I had in mind for any more daughters  I might be blessed with, but the rest turned out to be boys. To my surprise, and dismay, Rose tells me they are all in the top ten of most popular names today.
That made me think, first of all, how did she know? Obviously she has been doing some research, but why? Just hours before I had joked about her inheriting the Boddé genes, meaning an ample bosom.
Maybe it was more than her grandmother's genes making them flourish.
Dear me.
Well, as I said, we'll get to that later.

Names. Boys names are not so easy.
Besides, what seemed perfectly fine decades ago, is now a common four-letter word.
Our eldest son's name. A name that has been passed on from generation to generation in the Scherpenzeel family.
A solid, straight-forward name, no?
No. A refined English gentleman once asked Dick his name: 'Ah, yes, Richard - nice to meet you,' he replied benignly, as if he had just saved us all from embarrassment.

My son's contemporaries have less mercy, of course.

But his second name is Saefren, the a and e joined as in Caesar, not on the keyboard though.
I loved this name, found in an old book; it is derived from the river Saefern or Severn in Wales.
Very romantic.
Of course one must allow for the hippy influences I was subjected to.
 We thought the better of giving it him as his first name, too unusual,  hard to pronounce and spell, certainly for the Dutch.

                                           the river Severn - Wales G.B.

 So Dick it was.

Though I know for a fact he uses 'saefren' on-line,  playing Counterstrike and  Quake.
It does a hell of a lot  more for his image than 'dick'.

I have got to rush now, get some food for the week-end.

I'll be back, like I said, to tackle the other stuff, you know, babies and things.

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