Thursday, 11 March 2010

dream to remember


And this is what I came up with:

This dream had me wondering about what was sub-consciously troubling me.
Going over the classical glum and sorry situations I was beginning to feel discombobulated (=confused and upset, just found that word, isn't it great?)

So even though I couldn't remember the dream, I was reinforcing its effect, and in a way making it come true.

Now that's a thought.

Can I do that?

This opens new perspectives.

My dreams are plenty and often amazing.
Fancy I could make them come true, in a fashion, but still - would I?

Would you?

Hmm. But doesn't the thought make you smile?

Funny things, dreams, what they mean, what they tell you.
Even the ones you don't remember, or maybe, especially the ones you can't recall, the ones that linger on, colouring your day, your moods, leaving their traces on your life.

So what was it all about then? Will I ever know, does it matter?

Tomorrow I shall wake up trying to hold on to a new dream and today's dream will be just another dream to remember -
if only I could.........


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