Thursday, 29 April 2010

darling asus

Yesterday the postgirl delivered a package.
Ordered the day before on-line, a lucky guess, meaning the cheapest, as I hadn't a clue what to look for, an eee pc came to me.
It is absolutely delightful.
I marvel at what the little thing can do, which is all and more than my regular one.
I can carry it with me like a magazine, into the garden, to the park, the kitchen, play mahjong lying in the bath, take it to bed with me, chat, write - it connects wireless to the internet and battery operated if desired.
I love it.

I realise this is probably old-hat to most of you but to me it's the best thing since sliced bread. Oh, I'd love some sliced bread right now, but, never mind, I'll get to that later.
This nifty piece of equipment is nothing like the laptop I had last year in Cl├ędat, the one I trusted pages and pages to, only to find the hard disc was irreparably broken when I got back home. I never got the hang of it anyway and Dick discretely disposed of it, sensing I couldn't stand the sight of it any more.
But this beauty looks promising and the instruction manual reads like a love letter.
I actually understand, it's all there, pure and simple - I feel like writing back:

Dear, dear mr. Asus, things will never be the same since you came into my life.
I've had computers before, more than a few, I'm ashamed to say, but none of them came close to you. I reach out and touch you at night, and know, you'll be there in the morning, ready for me. My fingertips already know their way about........

Hmm, think I am getting carried away here. But Asus and I are going places together, I've got plans for us and if he is anywhere near as good as he promises our union might bear fruit. Love some fruit now - sorry, this bloody diet is distracting me from my new buddy.

I'm going to find something to eat now, I am not starving, I am craving........ chocolate, strawberries and whiskey.

I'll leave Asus here though - it's too early in our relationship to confront him with my weaknesses.

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  1. The Chinese say: " a big walk always beguin with a small step".
    I think that a good green tea will make you feel beter toghether with your "Radical Diet"!!!!!
    By the way, after read this suggestive text, myself also in diet, will dream about the perfect association of food, wine&friends......

    Keep going


    My freezer is afraid of