Wednesday, 28 April 2010

no limits

When I started off here some 7 weeks ago I thought I could easily write a bit every other day or so, but for the moment, I can't.

It's not just a matter of time, even though this is always a very busy period, getting ready for France, there is quite a lot to be seen to. Paperwork, practical stuff, business and private has to be moved from one country to another, it takes some preparation and organising to make that work.

Even so, I guess I could still find the odd moment to write, the computer is right here, but my mind is all over the place.
France, England, South Africa and now Rome too, where Rose and her lover Twan are spending some romantic days.
I find myself thinking of the time I lived in Italy, young and carefree. A wonderful way of life, different from anything I'd known till then. Vibrant and passionate.
Perilous too. I actually managed to get abducted by the Mafia. No?
Yes, it happened, but I live to tell the tale.

I think I will tell it. Not today, tomorrow, maybe.
Things to do, promises to keep. Diets to keep, or maybe not.......:)
After consuming vast amounts of halibut, bacon, roast beef and cheese, dozens of boiled and scrambled eggs, morning, noon and night for five days, I am beginning to see the true meaning of this Diet4idiots.
Not a carb in sight.

OK, I'm off.
Lunch soon. Let's see what's on the menu.
Bacon strips and ham slices. That's it. No bread, no veg. But you can eat as much as you like. No limitations, they have the nerve to say. Ha!
You could have fooled me.

I must be an idiot - at least they got that right......

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