Tuesday, 6 April 2010

just follow me......

There is a little tag at the bottom of the page, statcounter, brown at the moment, but I can change the colour and also, I can make it public, if I want.
But that wouldn't be fair right now because when I started off, almost a month ago, I took the Blogger's advice and signed on for 1000 hits, at a small price. Just to get going.
Well, the goods are being delivered, spread over a month but as far as I can see it is not doing me much good.
I can boast to have readers all over the world, no, not readers actually, hitters. I am being hit from Siberia to Timbuktu, I see little red markers all over the world map, innocent people having being directed to my page, their visits lasting 0 seconds or less.

Am I the only one not able to hold these fine folk's, I'm sure, attention? I check with Statcounters help desk and to my relief I see other disappointed bloggers have voiced their doubts, too.
Not to worry, they say, you just have to make your site more interesting, like people take one look and are dying to know all about you.
Things like photos and gadgets seem to be the answer.
All I have is one little picture of my self, taken last Christmas. Passable I thought, if only you don't enlarge it - DONT ENLARGE IT , I SAID!
Obviously that's not doing the trick.
I have a request: Has any of you got some earth-shattering picture or tool I can use?
Sorry for laughing there, I'm sure some men are thinking their tool might qualify. But you know what I mean.

Another thing is placing a comment.
People I  know are telling me they  find it complicated. Not just my sisters who don't know a computer from a sewing machine, but computer competent friends too.
I am going to get to the bottom of this, well somebody is, Dick most likely, he's a wizard on the computer, and will get back to you.
I need those comments.
They motivate and stimulate me and if I don't like them I can delete them. Apparently I am the boss here, I can do what ever I like, if only I knew how.
It is a whole new experience for me and it involves a lot of time, more than I bargained for really, but who knows I can put these newly acquired skills to good use when I am back in South Africa.

Next, it is hard to become a follower.
A follower makes me think of some sect, I have 3 public followers who managed to get in, and also some anonymous ones, but they might come out of the closet some day.

But on the whole, I am very surprised and happy to find quite a few are enjoying my stuff, encouraging me to go on.
Just waiting for my month of prescription visitors to run out and hopefully I'll still be this pleased.

No, honestly, thank you all for reading, wouldn't be much fun without you.

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