Saturday, 17 July 2010


It's been 10 weeks since I was here. Is that long or short?
I don't know - it is almost a 5th of a year though and it scares me to realize it went in a flash.
Barely time, or opportunity, to write, I did some on Travelpod, you can check that out if you like (

Been to France, walked Hadrian's wall and now back in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks before taking off for France again, followed by South Africa end of August.
It feels strange; I wake up wondering where I am, then wondering what I am doing here, not just for the moment but in general.
Amsterdam is a great city, I have spent the best part of my life here but now I feel such an urgency to find out about different places. I suppose the urge was always there but raising a family, taking care of ageing parents, health issues - it just wasn't an option.
Lots of people feel the same way, needing to know, see, feel, and if possible, partake in other worlds.
Millions are just trying to survive, and will never know what it is like to travel, to escape the life they were born into. And many are perfectly happy to live their lives in the same place, the same house, finding everything they need right there.
My mother was like that; an intelligent and creative woman, always busy, pottery, painting, reading, playing the piano, she simply hadn't the time to travel, nor the desire, she was doing exactly what she wanted.
She just wished she had more time to do it.
Time, a serious word.
I wonder if there is a culture where time doesn't exist, or not as we know it, value it.
Maybe that's where I should be heading for
Right now I've got 2 weeks to catch up with things and prepare. I know I need that time, but somehow I am drifting, not focussing, all the stuff I had in mind to do, it has escaped me and I am wandering through my own house as if I am a lodger, mentally still unpacked, in transit.

I have got to wake up and make good use of my time.
But useful is that?
Don't have to travel for that, anyone can dream, anywhere, any time.............